It's like clockwork. Every time Minnesota gets slammed with a massive snowstorm, people come out of the woodwork online to voice their displeasure with how long it takes to get their roads plowed.

According to a recent study, of the U.S. states that receive a substantial amount of snowfall on a yearly basis, Minnesota is actually one of the least dangerous in the country in terms of traffic fatalities per year. Michigan is the highest on that list.

But in terms of dollars, how much is actually spent on snow removal every year in the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes? The answer might surprise you.

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Much of Minnesota has already seen record, or near-record snowfall this winter and it's only January. While some people like to complain about how little attention the state pays to snowfall removal, the reality of the situation is, Minnesota spends big bucks every year on ensuring its roadways are safe during the winter driving season.

Just how much. Well, according to an article from Twin Cities Dot Com, the state spends a whopping $133 million annually. Compared to neighboring states, Minnesota puts more into snow removal than most.

Keep in mind, this only accounts for State and County Roads, not city streets.

Story Sources: Twin Cities Website, Money Geek Website

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