Valentine's Day....a day where everyone shows their love and appreciation for others in their life. However, this day could also pose the most frustrating question: What is the perfect gift to give your Valentine? Better yet, how much is too much for a Valentine's Day gift?

It's only one day so the gift shouldn't be too important, right?  Right.  It's truly the thought that counts.  Nonetheless, people still feel the need to exchange gifts on Valentine's Day.  So how much do people spend on average for Valentine's Day?  OppLoans was curious about this same question.

Through a Google survey, OppLoans asked approximately 2,500 people how much they were planning to spend this Valentine’s Day.  According to the results from the survey, OppLoans discovered individuals will spend $33.64 for any Valentine's Day related-celebrations.  This doesn't seem like a lot when you consider the dinner, flowers, chocolates, etc.

What are South Dakotans spending this Valentine's Day?  Heads up ladies and gentlemen: Like the date, keep your expectations low.

OppLoans discovered from its survey that the average amount South Dakotans intend to spend on Valentine's Day is around...$14.17. It is one of the lowest amounts in the United States! Let's see how many "big spenders" there are in neighboring states on Valentine's Day:

Minnesota: $22.74

Iowa: $16.93

Nebraska: $19.66

Wisconsin: $28.12

Illinois: $36.42

The survey from OppLoans provides some in-depth research on this year's Valentine's Day expenses.  For example, men will spend $41.38 while women will spend $25.85 on the day of love.  Overall, women in 14 states plan to spend more money on Valentine's Day than men.

You can click here to check out other Valentine's Day tidbits identified in this survey.

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