There is no question about who is in charge of our household. That would be our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel “Percy”. He is seven years old and runs the house with a stern paw. He really only has 4 demands: meals, snacks, pets, and walks.

Every evening just after the supper dishes are put away Percy will wait exactly 11 minutes then he parks himself where he can firmly give me the stink-eye until I ask him if he “wants to go for a walk”.

This is a magical phrase. Hearing it makes him bark uncontrollable. And we are off. Our evening walks last around 30 minutes. About 4000 steps on my Fitbit. I'm sure I could get more steps, but we stop … a lot … to pee. Him, not me.

After almost 7 years of this routine I got to wondering, so just how many times does my dog relieve himself on a 30-minute stroll. I don't know if it's the boredom of quarantine life or what, but I embarked on the "Pictorial Puppy Pee Project".

I'm sure this is exactly the use that was envisioned by Apple when they developed the iPhone 11.

9. 9 pees, 1 poo. That is the answer to the question to “just how many times does Percy Pee on a 30-minute walk?” I think I need more human interaction.

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