There you are, minding your own business, not bothering anybody. It might be at work, maybe shopping, maybe in that familiar third pew at church. Everything is fine, no problems here...and then it happens.

Your Glabella starts to itch. In fact, it starts to itch like crazy!

Do you scratch it? Or do you just sit or stand there in itchy misery, smiling at your friends or family or strangers as if everything is fine. Well, go ahead and scratch it. No one will say anything, no one will point, no one will laugh out loud and say 'Hey look, he/she is scratching their Glabella right here in front of everybody!'

Because you see, your Glabella is the skin between your eyebrows and just above your nose.

Alrighty then, now it's time to admit it. I've heard people say about me 'He's full of it'. And I quite naturally assume they are speaking about knowledge. I seem to collect useless information on a pretty regular basis. And the 'Glabella' would fall into that category. But I can't take all the credit.

A Facebook friend of mine who shall remain nameless (Don't worry Carla my friend originally from Edgerton, I won't mention your name) had posted, or re-posted, a list of things/areas/items that I had no idea had names. And the Glabella was one of them.

So I went to my trusty Wikipedia and looked it up. And you can, too. It gets just a wee bit more involved than I care for, with words like 'derived from the Latin' and 'in medical science'. For me, it's enough to know the Glabella is...

...that skin between your eyebrows, just above the top of your nose. And yes, no matter where you are, go ahead and scratch that Glabella itch.

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