A lot of us are struggling right now. But there is struggle- - and then there is being hungry, homeless, sick, or all alone trying to deal with circumstances beyond your control. That kind of struggle.

The kind that leads you to reach out for help. And, that is where the rest of us come in. My proof that South Dakotans are very charitable is up close and personal. Every year we participate in the Cure Kids Cancer Radiothon.

Every year the amount of funds raised is higher than the year before. This money goes directly to help families struggling with their child's cancer diagnosis. So there is that.

Additionally, I see the amazing work done by all of the other non-profits in the Sioux Empire and know that it is only accomplished with the charitable donations of money and time by other residents in the area.

Over at Wallet Hub, the scientists can quantify anything - -including how charitable a state is. And when they crunched all the numbers South Dakota came in 27th most charitable. When you consider our small population versus the amount given that ranking is remarkable.

Could we do more? Yes. But still, we're doing pretty well.

In fact, when it comes to volunteering and giving of time, South Dakotans are 15th in the country. Now, that is truly up close and personal charity, even when it involves no giving of money.

So kudos to all givers who share their time and quite often, hard-earned cash, with those less fortunate. Take a look at the complete report here and let's keep up the good work!

Source: Wallet Hub

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