Mayor Mike Huether and City Council Chair Michelle Erpenbach jointly announced Monday that the City of Sioux Falls will conduct a citizen survey that asks city residents to answer the question: How are we doing Sioux Falls?
Over the next few weeks, 3,000 randomly selected Sioux Falls city residents will be
receiving a survey questionnaire asking for their attitudes and opinions about the City.

Mayor Huether said:

Listening to your customers is important in any business and it’s even more important when you serve the public. This survey provides us with the opportunity to listen to our customers, the residents of Sioux Falls, and to measure our progress in meeting their expectations and improving upon the services we provide.

As part of the City’s ongoing effort to respond to the needs and concerns of
residents, survey participants will be asked to rate their satisfaction with various City
services and quality of life characteristics of the community. Survey results will assist
the Mayor and City Council to not only measure past progress but also to chart the
future direction of City programs and spending priorities.

City Councilor Michelle Erpenbach stated:

The survey provides us with the opportunity to hear from citizens who may not come to meetings but do vote, pay taxes and make decisions about where to live and build their businesses. I strongly encourage survey recipients to provide us with their honest and valuable feedback by completing and returning the survey.

This scientific anonymous survey is being conducted by the National Research
Center, Inc. under the sponsorship of the International City/County Management
Association (ICMA). Initial surveys will be mailed on January 22. Final survey results
from The National Citizen Survey™ will be available in late spring of 2013.

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