In light of the sizzling temperatures this week, I dropped by Mini-Critters in Sioux Falls and talked to Ginger about protecting our pets from the heat wave.  Here are some of the tips Ginger shared with me::

1.  Always keep fresh cool water available

One of the most important things to remember for dogs in hot weather is to make sure their water bowl is always full.

2.  Keep your pets inside

Dogs love the yard, but if you're going to be gone for longs days this summer, it may be safer to keep your dog in the house.  That way your pets can lounge safely in the air conditioned goodness and stay safe from the hot weather.

3.  Take a dip

Swimming can be a great way to help dogs in hot weather cool off.  Check your local area for lakes or rivers that provide safe swimming locations for dogs.

4.  Don't leave your pet in a car

Even if parked in the shade, cars can heat up fast and become a dangerous place for your dog in hot weather after only minutes.

5.  Take walks in the early morning and evening

6.  Watch for coolant spills

In addition to the dangers of hot asphalt, another thing to watch for when walking dogs in hot weather is coolant spills.

7.  Summer treats

One great summer treat for dogs is ice cubes.  Most dogs love them, and ice cubes will keep them busy and hydrate them at the same time.

The bottom line is this: follow these tips for hot weather pet safety so you and your pet can enjoy many summers together!