People are going to the dogs. And I don't mean Fido.

It seems as we make our way through the COVID 19 Coronavirus pandemic, we're turning more and more to the joys of the hot dog.

According to Business Insider, the sales of dogs are up, up, up from a year ago. Now as shoppers stockpiling began to slow (think toilet paper) the sales of hot dogs have begun to level off somewhat. In March sales went through the roof as they sell, up some 123% compared to a year ago. By the first week in May, they were still up over 30%.

Why the surge in frankfurter sales? Well, I would guess it's largely due to the ease of making them. And besides,, who doesn't like a tasty dog? In fact, the hot dog named Minnesota's best is only an hour or so from Sioux Falls, and yes I'm giving a shameless plug to my hometown.

The article goes on to say that, with summer just around the corner, sales are expected to stay strong. After all, we do have a summer love for them. Hopefully, we can all get together soon for a summer barbecue, including grilling up some steaks, burgers, wings, and...dogs!

So with all these hot dogs flying off the shelf, the question becomes: Ketchup? Mustard? Relish? The works? For me, it's any of the above or for that matter, all of the above. Some of my best childhood memories involve a grill, a city park (particularly Luverne), and lots of Uncles, Aunts, and cousins. And one burger and one hot dog!

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