Locally owned businesses have been struggling across the country for almost a year. It is truly the American way to do our very best to support local businesses in whatever way we can. Local restaurants, like The Barrel House in the Sioux Empire, make this task extremely easy.

Situated on the east side of Sioux Falls on 54th Street, The Barrel House is a popular gathering place for great food and craft beverages. Whether you're looking for some burgers and bourbon or pizza and beer, you'll never leave hungry after enjoying a meal at The Barrel House. This neighborhood-like hangout goes beyond the grill and into the community. According to its website, every Monday The Barrel House donates "10% of gross" to local organizations and charities throughout the Sioux Empire. Currently, a whopping $150,000 has been raised as a result of this charitable initiative!

It's not every day that I'm able to have lunch with one of my best friends. So when our schedules sync up for a day, we always love to explore the neighborhood and beyond. We thought The Barrel House would be a perfect lunch spot for the afternoon. It did not disappoint!

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If you're in the mood for a great chicken sandwich, I would highly recommend The Club sandwich with some sweet potato fries. But if you're in a cheesy mood, then you'll hit a home run with the Mac N' Cheese!

Whatever you may be craving, The Barrel House has the Sioux Empire covered! Take a drive to the east side, and you'll see!

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