Do you ever have the desire to smash something to stimulate a feeling of exhilaration or just to let loose?  Well, look no further than the new Smash Rooms at Escapades Escape Rooms!

Located at 3509 S. Norton Avenue, this is the place where you can break anything that is placed in front of "house" rules attached. You can break all sorts of "forbidden items,” like vases, coffee cups, VCR tapes, and even guitars!  Prior to entering a "rage" room at Escapades Escape Rooms, a participant is provided with an assortment of different weapons such as a hammer, baseball bat, a crowbar, tennis racquet, golf club, and even a frying pan!  Once an individual selects his/her weapon or weapons of choice and puts on the protective gear, the smashing begins!

The Smash Rooms just opened its doors in the Sioux Empire last Wednesday, and I was able to experience the new attraction for myself! There was something so thrilling yet rebellious about smashing the glass and other items!  It is a huge stress reliever and definitely allows a person to unwind.

Credit: Christine Manika/ Townsquare Media
Credit: Christine Manika/ Townsquare Media

In the future, Escapades Escape Rooms will add on 6 Escape Rooms along with an Axe Throwing space.  One of the 6 Escape Rooms will be a Harry Potter theme!  Eventually, the entertainment venue will obtain a beer/liquor license to provide more opportunities for parties, events, and even business meetings.

Visit the Escapades Escape Rooms to see what they have to offer!  Get ready to have a smashing time!

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