Getting ready for a new baby is always an exciting time for a family!  However, it can also be somewhat stressful.  Elegant Mommy is a great store in Sioux Falls designed to help parents prepare for the arrival of their new baby and support their parenting journey.

Elegant Mommy, located on W. 37th Street next to Hy-Vee is owned by Sioux Falls' residents Kelcey Smith and Lindsey Auch.  In October of 2018, Kelcey and Lindsey followed their dreams and acquired Elegant Mommy from previous owner, Shelly Gaddis.  When taking over the business, Kelcey and Lindsey’s vision included walking new families through their parenting journeys.  According to their website, "We believe that parents and children should have access to products and community that will support and simplify their everyday lives."  Their mission is simple:  to “provide a space for mothers, fathers and lovers of all children to come together to feel loved, supported, and encouraged through providing quality, safe, fun and engaging products."  Elegant Mommy has everything your baby and you might need!  From clothing for babies and moms to basic essentials for your baby, you definitely won't leave empty-handed!

My cousin Danny and his wife Carly were recently blessed with their first baby, a precious little girl, Elsie Rae.  This is an exciting time for the entire family!  It is the first newborn in our family in almost 25 years!  Everyone wanted to be sure that Danny and Carly had everything they needed.  Even though I'm hundreds of miles away, I wanted to be included in the preparations as much as possible!  Elegant Mommy helped me accomplish this goal!

My friend Miranda and I visited Elegant Mommy to shop for Elsie just before I went home for Christmas. This wonderful specialty shop has a variety of cute clothing and accessories along with many unique items, like the book pictured with Elsie!  She is a fashionista in the making, so the sparkly headband was perfect for her!  Elsie already loves books and is well on her way to becoming an active reader!  I like to think of her book as her little piece of South Dakota!

If you or your family is getting ready for a new bundle of joy, be sure to see what Elegant Mommy has to offer!

Source: Elegant Mommy

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