It can be difficult to maintain a business with or without COVID-19 involved.  It's even more challenging to start a business during a pandemic.

Despite all the odds, Covert Cellars conquered them all and opened its doors to the Sioux Empire this past summer.  The perfect time to brew and chill...

Located just over the 8th Avenue Bridge along East 8th Street, Covert Cellars brings an array of brews and some fabulous fun together.  According to its website,  Covert Cellars keeps the brews local.  The brewery uses "regionally grown ingredients, yeast harvested from around town, and hand-processed fruit, Covert Artisan Ales creates beer that is complex, funky, and delicious. Styles such as saisons and wheat ales are blended to bring you a unique beverage experience. Often, the beer is aged in spirit barrels to add another layer of depth."  Here's a little insight, no two brews are alike at Covert Artisan Ales Cellars.  There's always something new and different to try!

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A few of my good friends could not stop talking about Covert Cellars.  Once I heard about this brewery for the 200th time, I knew I had to taste the brews for myself. I've mentioned in the past I'm not a huge beer person, however I do appreciate the art and science behind creating local brews.

I tried a drink that was a little out of the ordinary, but somehow I knew I would enjoy it.  It's called "Code Words."  It's a raspberry and blackberry fruit beer.  It literally tastes like a bowl of fresh berries with a little alcohol mixed in.  I liked it!  It's totally something I would order again.

Here's a great perk of Covert Cellars:  It's dog-friendly!!  I have a new place to bring my dog, Honey and my family of course...can't forget about them.

Enjoy a local brew at Covert Cellars. It’s "berry-licious!"

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