I saw this cool picture on our friend Dan LaRock's facebook page.  I asked Dan what the story was behind the picture and he explained:

"HBC vs Edgerton...huge rivalry and both teams are having great seasons. Tensions are high and both sides of the little HBC field are full - and loud! Great environment for a good game, and it was a very good game.

Late in the 4th quarter, one of Edgerton's players was hurt during a very big collision and needed to be taken off the field with assistance from our ambulance crew.

Crowd was silent of course and the vast majority of conversations were around "Hope he's ok, that was a big hit". The game did end and this time, HBC came out on top.

Right after handshakes and the coaches post game meeting with each team, the players all met on the field. They must have had a conversation right after the game about creating a prayer circle.

So, both teams got together and Edgerton's Bailey Fey led the teams in a group prayer.

Many parents and fans were also there (that's how I got the pic) and the prayer was focused on hope for their injured player and praise for The Lord for the sportsmanship shown by both teams in a very close football game.

It was remarkable and completely student led. The player was taken to the hospital and released later that evening.  His mother reported that he's going to be fine and God be Praised for that!

I think Kelli Hellerud described the scene pretty well on Facebook the next day, here's a quote from her post:

"Both teams together holding hands prayed at a PUBLIC school's field, in front of a crowd so quiet, you could hear a pin drop...No one was upset, or felt that their rights were being infringed on, this is the America we need to get back. (I) think back to a time when things were so different and family and God were important, make it that way again, and live it daily, for your children's sake. This is why I live here, why I'm so glad my son goes to school here, why I'm so very proud to be a Patriot! Please join me! "Play hard, Pray harder", amazing life lessons learned every day." 

The exact same thing could be said about Edgerton and their players. It was beautiful.

Bravo kids!  Thanks for sharing this Dan!

Dan & Family

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