Your house needs a makeover. And not just any old makeover, it needs an extreme makeover!

If that's the case, I just might have good news for you.

HGTV has announced they're on the lookout for folks who deserve a makeover for their 2020 season of Extreme Makeover: Home Addition. So who exactly are they looking for? Well, according to a Country Living article: "people who deserve a new place to live and who have uplifting, inspirational stories that must be told."

But wait, you say you don't own your home or apartment, you rent, but this place could use a makeover, too?

Well, the HGTV folks say they're expanding their search and are including renters and people looking to relocate.

So think you might fit the criteria to get an extreme makeover? Or maybe you know someone who does? Just click here to get more information on how to apply or nominate someone.

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