OK, so your kid can beat you at basketball. That kid can whup you in boxing, baseball, football and in a whole bunch of things that you don't even know (or can't remember) the names of.

He or she is a video game wizard.

But how about in a good old-fashioned game of Old Maid? Yahtzee? Or maybe a no-holds-barred clash of Chinese Checkers? Oh I know, they probably have all those and a million more of the good 'ol games on video.

Yawn. No, I mean right up there on the dining room table, old school.

I hope playing games together isn't becoming a lost art. I know the technology is cool (and getting cooler everyday, I'm sure), but there's nothing like sitting down around the table knocking the stuffing out of your son because you have a hotel on Boardwalk. Or trash talking your daughter because yeah, that's right, I'm the Uno champ of the universe.

Sodas all around, plenty of chips and popcorn (wipe those mitts before you pick up that card and find out you must go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollars) and before you know it, you're not staring at some screen giving your fingers a workout...you're actually laughing.

Oh, I'm not anti-video anything. I watch kids playing games that look to me like a movie...waaay cool! But there may not be a whole lot of ways to connect their generation to yours.

They don't like the music you liked (I hated my dad's fuddy-duddy music). They certainly don't want to even look at the clothes you thought were so stylin'. And the TV shows you loved and are now in re-run? Not gonna cut the mustard.

But you might be surprised about the game night thing once in a while. There may come a night where they say 'How about a game of checkers?' while you're finishing up in the kitchen.

Or maybe not. But it'll be fun finding out.

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