They didn't build all those big casinos by losing money that's for sure. Whenever I have left Las Vegas, I was reminded of that.

I remember one time coming home and just standing in my garage looking at my car at the time, and realizing that it could have been updated to a newer and shinier one with money I left in Vegas.

Next time you fly into that magical city in the desert, take a good look at all those lights. Then ask yourself who you think pays the electric bill for all this glamor.

But, if you're like me, you got to try your luck. Somebody's got to win don't they? Before choosing a table, let's look at where your best odds are.


House edge .5%



House edge .8%



House edge 1.06%



House edge 5.5%

Slot Machines

House edge can be up to 17%, depending on how they're set.


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