I stop into Hy-Vee every week. OK, maybe not literally every week, but some weeks it's twice so it all averages out.

Yes, Hy-Vee is all over Sioux Falls, so there's one close to wherever you might live. In fact, not just Sioux Falls.

With over 240 stores and thousands of employees, they're everywhere, they're everywhere!

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So sometimes I might stop in just for a half-gallon of milk. Or maybe drop by for some hamburger or a steak. Could be I have a hankering for pork chops for supper. (And yes, I'm an ol' farm boy, so it's supper). Maybe swing by the deli or get a prescription filled.

They've pretty much got it all, this place called Hy-Vee.

But hold on...why Hy-Vee? I mean, why is the place called Hy-Vee?

Well, as it happens, that name came about more than a few years ago. In fact, you have to go back to your Grandparents' or Great Grandparents' day. In fact, it's 1930.

A couple of fella's opened up a small general store over there in Beaconsfield, Iowa. Now, those two gentlemen may not have realized they planted a store seed that would blossom into well over two hundred stores, but the fact is, they did.

Their names?

Charles Hyde and David Vredenburg. Or perhaps to put it a different way...Charles Hyde and David Vredenburg. Yep, Hy-Vee. And what started as a general store in Beaconsfield has now become one of the largest supermarket chains in the country.

But you know what's cool? When I walk into my neighborhood Hy-Vee, I'm greeted with a smile, like I'm an old friend. Because I am, and if you're not, stop on by. You will be soon.

Check out the interesting details of Hy-Vee's history and growth here.

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