Let me begin with a little truth here: I'm not a big NBA fan. And I've never been a big fan of the Detroit Pistons.

All that changed on Sunday (July 22).

My son, his wife and two boys are what you might call 'sports fans', and they absolutely love the Creighton Bluejays...I mean to the tune of season ticket holders. And living in the Omaha Metro, that makes sense.

Well, the Bluejays Khyri Thomas was drafted 38th in the 2018 NBA draft, and even I know that if you're drafted 38th overall, that means you're pretty doggone good! Wait, let me correct that...that means you're more than pretty doggone good! And you're the favorite player of two little boys that just happen to be my Grandsons.

So, here I am, not familiar with this Khyri Thomas, so my son tells me a bit about him, and I do a little research (my research is, of course, Google): He's a two-time Big East Defensive Player of the Year, and this past season 15.1 points, 2.8 assists and 4.4 rebounds per game. Drafted 39th overall in the NBA draft, he was traded to the Detroit Pistons where he'll begin his NBA career.


But even more 'Wow', on Sunday he stopped by my son's house. He found out (his mom works at the same place as my son) that Ayden and Bennett (the two boys pictured above) were HUGE Bluejay/Khyri fans. So he didn't just sign a few autographs, nope, he stayed and shot hoops in the driveway with these kids. He took the time, answered questions, visited, and when he was asked by one of my grandkids to 'dunk a couple', he did. He spent nearly an hour with them and had to fly out to Detroit early this (Monday) morning.

OK, there's not a whole lot I can tell you about the Detroit Pistons and their upcoming season except this: They now have a Grandpa in Sioux Falls, South Dakota that is a huge fan and will be following them all season.

And Khyri, I've never met you and you don't know who in the world I am. But thank you.

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