I'll bet you've heard it sometime over the weekend. It's the dumbest question in the state of South Dakota.

'Winy enough for ya?'

South Dakota is one of those states that enjoy's air that is beyond breezy. And having lived here for well over four decades, I've discovered it doesn't matter what time of year it is. If you're thinkin' this forty-plus mile an hour wind is, uh, interesting when it's over 90 degrees, do you recall when it blew at about 35 miles per hour with a 10 above temp?

I've kind of come to the realization that here in the good ol' Rushmore State, we call a 20 mile per hour wind 'calm'. Anything over that can be 'breezy'.

Over the weekend I thought, OK let's go for a drive over the old home country, over the border to the Gopher state, and visit the county highways in Rock and Nobles County. The wind doesn't blow near as much over there.

Yes, it does.

We pulled into Leota and I could hardly get my car door open. Now, admittedly I'm not quite as strong and stout as I used to be (was I EVER strong and stout??) but suffice to say the wind didn't stop at the state line. So we pretty much just blew on back into the Sunshine State.

The good news? We didn't have to hear about 'Wind Chill Factor' or 'Feels Like' temperature. When it's 95 and windy, well, it pretty much feels like 95.

And it'll happen again, that dumbest question in the state of South Dakota. It might be today, it might be tomorrow or maybe next week.

'Windy enough for ya?'

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