It's a family tradition.

Taking those hard boiled eggs and sitting around the kitchen table and painting them up with bright spring Easter colors. That's half the fun!

The other half is hiding them all around the house, the yard, the farm, the park or wherever you want. The kids go out searching behind this, over that, under the thing over there.

Ah, all found! OK, most found. Everyone forgets where those last one or two are.

So now you have a basket filled with hard boiled eggs. How long will these colorful beauties be good to eat?

Well, according to Country Living Magazine, it depends.

If you keep them in the shell and in the fridge, you're probably good for a week. But peeled ones should be gobbled up the same day.

But if you leave them in the basket at room temperature, you only have an hour or two to snack on them. And as the article says, better safe than sorry when you're talking hard boiled eggs, or any perishable food for that matter.

Now then, get to hiding, get to finding, and get to making wonderful Easter Egg family memories.

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