Congratulations to Joanne Avery of Sioux Falls. She's been named the Helpline Center's June 'Volunteer of the Month.'

Each month the Helpline Center, along with MetaBank, selects someone in the community who goes over and above when it comes to volunteering.

Joanne began helping out at Active Generations back in 2008. She works twice a week in the gift shop and also helps with the various fundraisers held throughout the year.

But apparently it's her "crafty skills" where she really shines. In addition to knitting caps and crocheting dish towels, she also likes to make gag gifts.

Some of her more popular creations have been 'Foolproof Fish Bait,' 'Square Golf Balls,' a 'Whining Bag' and the 'Fisherman's Survival Kit.' - all of which you can buy at the gift shop.

According to fellow volunteer Nancy Lange, Joanne's ideas are endless. "I don't know where she gets them, but I do know each one is made with a warm heart and big smile."

Over the past eight years, Joanne has given more than 5,000 hours to Active Generations. And that's not even counting the hours she gives to other organizations.

Because of her commitment and dedication, the Helpline Center is pleased to present Joanne with a framed certificate, a gift from MetaBank and a letter of appreciation from Sioux Falls Mayor Mike Huether.

Joanne will also be honored at next year's Spirit of Volunteerism Awards banquet scheduled for May 10, 2018 at the Sioux Falls Convention Center.


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