There seems to be more job openings than people to fill all the positions. Everywhere you look, help wanted is posted across business locations.

The companies that are able to find qualified and capable employees, are the ones that are offering the best pay and benefit packages. We would like to tell you of a job that pays 90 grand a year.

The career is that of a truck driver for Walmart. Walmart is in desperate need of drivers to keep all of their stores supplied with merchandise. If the shelves are not stocked with items to sell to the shoppers, the bottom line of the world's largest retailer will drastically suffer.

There is a shortage of truck drivers nationwide along with a high turnover rate in the trucking industry. This hits Walmart at a very bad time.

The company is giving a pay raise to the over 8000 truck drivers they currently employ in efforts to keep them on the job. In addition, they seek to hire 900 new drivers.

Walmart's drivers will now make about 89 cents per mile on average and $87,500 a year. See more details and how to apply.


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