Ahhh...it's been a long week. The doggone weather was a mess. Work was a real challenge. The spouse has been snappish. But hey it's finally Friday, TGIF! What do ya say, let's have a brick of beer.

A brick of beer??

Yes, a brick.

Heineken did just that, in a manner of speaking.

Freddy was the grandson of the guy that founded Heineken back in the day, and Freddy happened to be in Curacao down in the Caribbean and noticed something. Well, actually two things.

1)  The incredible amount of waste that his product was creating due to the region’s lack of infrastructure to collect the bottles for reuse.
and 2) the dearth of proper building materials available to those living in the impoverished communities he visited.

So with the help of an architect, Freddy came up with a rectangular bottle for Heineken beer. A brick, if you will.

With interlocking surfaces, they would interlock with the help of a little mortar or cement. So I guess, the more beer you drank, the bigger your house would be!

There were different models and designs, some that would be stronger. You can read the entire interesting article here at Smithsonian Magazine. And by the way, I highly recommend Smithsonian Magazine if you love, like I do, fascinating stories. I still get mine in the old monthly magazine form. Why? Because I just like turning the pages while sitting back in my recliner and having a perfectly chilled Heineken.

The regular kind.



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