It's every country artist's dream to stand upon the stage of the Grand Ole Opry.  It's called the 'Mother Church Of Country Music', and for some nine decades the best of the best, the most legendary of the legends have thrilled untold millions of country music fans from around the world.

And one man, one legend, is most closely identified with this hallowed building.

Roy Acuff, or as so many called him with honor, Mr. Acuff.

He joined the Opry back in 1938 (and just an aside, did you know he was the first living member inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame?) and became almost as much of an institution there as the Opry itself.

How many people sat in the Opry audience and heard him sing 'Wabash cannonball'? How many laughed out loud when 'Cousin' Minnie Pearl would join him with news from Grinders Switch?

In this great video, listen, remember, smile and enjoy as many of Mr. Acuff's famous friends reminisce about the man was, in so many ways, was the Grand Ole Opry.

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