It was in early 1972 that Ray Stevens released his 8th studio album 'Turn Your Radio On'.

I've always though Ray Stevens is one of the truly unique song writers and song stylist's in country music history. He's one of those guys you can't really fit neatly in a musical box. Best known I suppose for his 1970's novelty smash 'The Streak', Ray could give you a full belly laugh with his humor, then turn around a pull a tear from your eye with a ballad.

So when i first heard his great hit (now classic) 'Turn Your Radio On' I thought to myself 'Well, Ray's done it again with a brand new song'. And I still love the song today, a great spiritual message to sing along with.

So not long ago I'm sitting in my office, the radio on low in the background, when the Professor of Country Music, my friend Joe Morrison plays Ray and 'Turn Your Radio On'. Now, I think I know quite a bit about music in general and country music in particular. I mean, I can dazzle and amaze with my musical knowledge when I sitting with friends, perfectly chilled Gran Belt Longneck in hand.

But I'm not that good when I'm up against the 'big boys'!

I hear Joe say 'That's Ray Stevens, 'Turn Your Radio On', a song that was done years ago by Roy Acuff'.

Really? That wasn't written by Ray and released as a brand new shiny song in 1972??

Well, now Joe's only human so he may have been wrong, right? Wrong.

I do what I often do when I'm confused (which is about 75% of the time)...I Googled it. And 'ol Joe nailed it.

So hear it is, that 'new Ray Stevens song'. I guess you're never to old to learn!

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