The Halloween theme makes it's way into so many areas from costumes, decor, parties and, of course, food and beverage. People just love to celebrate the spookiest of holidays.

In fact, Halloween involves billions of dollars of revenue within the economy, making it the second most successful holiday coming in behind Christmas.

Here's the rundown on food and drinks at top retailers, or should I say "Haunted Foods?"

No Halloween-themed drinks at Starbucks this year. However, overseas, yes. But here in the United States, no.

There are some haunted foods out there. Burger King is offering "the Ghost Whopper", Applebee's is offering $1 "Vampires", which is a rum drink.

At Baskin-Robbins, you can get the "Fright Night Scoop" which includes ice cream topped with a Halloween sprinkle mix and a white chocolate zombie hand, ewe! Krispy Kreme has all kinds of "Monster Donuts" and at Dunkin', there are "Spider Donuts".

Oh, and through Sunday, IHOP has "Web Cakes" as part of a promotion tying in with the new Addams Family movie.

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