So, I know these weird national holidays seem ridiculous, but I'm all about grilled cheese.

And, I think it's interesting that this is the anniversary of The Sandlot being released because one of my favorite lines from the movie is, "I'm baking like a toasted cheeser," which I think is a 60s reference to a grilled cheese.

Anyway, I know what I'm having for lunch today!

Tomato soup is a common accompaniment to grilled cheese, but according to Business Insider, you should not eat them together.

The article states, "The acid from the soup combined with the cheese are difficult to digest, according to Boldsky. In addition, most canned tomato soups are high in sugar and the grilled cheese is high in fat and carbohydrates with little protein and both are high in sodium. As an alternative, choose a low-sodium soup without added sugar and use whole-grain bread with a low-fat cheese, according to Woman's Day."

The article also warns against wine with dessert and chips and salsa.

Ok, don't mess with chips and salsa! That is a step too far!

According to a survey from National Today, Americans really dig grilled cheese, "...only 13% of Americans DON'T like grilled cheese sandwiches.  87% said they do.  And it's our SECOND favorite cheesy food behind pizza, but ahead of macaroni and cheese and cheeseburgers."

I've also seen debates today about what to dunk your grilled cheese in (besides soup). I think it's yummy with ketchup, but apparently that is frowned upon by some. Ranch, of course, has been mentioned as a great condiment for grilled cheese. How very midwestern.

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