Have you given up on being happy and settled for merely getting by?  Many people don't allow themselves to experience joy.

Motivational Speaker and Best Selling Author Rico Racosky says happiness is a choice!  "Every moment we have just two choices.  We can either do something positive that's going to take us closer to what we want or we can do something that takes us further away from what we want.  I use this 'two choices' idea to remind myself that in every moment we can choose to be happy.  It's up to me to make that choice.  If we want a particular event to happen in life (feeling we will then be happy) we are delaying happiness.  I heard a saying years ago that says 'Heaven comes here right where you are' if you choose to let it in.  You have to let Heaven in!  It's that simple."

Check out the inspirational interview with Rico Racosky!


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