Here's a tip for the guys for Valentine's Day. Now, I will warn you that this might sound a little cheesy, but we think it should work

If you choose to try it, enter at your own risk. And please let us know how it worked without holding us responsible.

With that said, we feel this plan does have some merit to it. This deals with those sending flowers to their sweetheart at the office this year.

Send the roses early with a note saying it's an early Valentine's gift because you just couldn't wait any longer. Many benefits to this. First, you'll melt her heart.

Second, you'll make her the envy of all the other girls in the office as they wait in agony to see if they'll be getting any roses themselves.

Third, and here comes the cheesy part, often you can get a better deal at the florist because they'll appreciate having one less bouquet to deliver on the dreaded 14th. At least it's worth asking.

Lastly, and more cheesy now, when the big day comes all you have to worry about is a cheap box of candy and a nice dinner out and you're done!

Source: Radio Online

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