The lone South Dakota Congressman came prepared for a meeting at the White House on Wednesday, April 15th.

It's usually a thoughtful gesture to bring a little treat or gift to someone's house when you visit.  United States Congressman Dusty Johnson did just that when he went to visit the White House.  However, the gift was not for President Joe Biden.  It was for his German Shepherd, Major.

Recently, Major Biden has made headlines for aggressive behavior towards White House staff.  So just in case Major was not in the best mood, Dusty Johnson came prepared with a Milk-Bone treat for the 3-year-old dog.

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For those who are not aware, Major and his older brother, Champ, are considered the first rescue dogs to live in America's home.  President Biden adopted Major to help Champ get a little extra pep in his step.  However, I think the 12-year-old dog bit off more than he can chew.

Major did have two biting incidents at the White House involving staff members.  Both dogs even took a little "vacation" to their home in Delaware after the first accident with a member from the Secret Service.  USA Today is now reporting that Major will receive some "private training" in response to his recent behavior.  In a statement to USA Today, First Lady Jill Biden's spokesperson Michael LaRosa confirms:

Major will undergo some additional training to help him adjust to life in the White House.  The off-site, private training will take place in the Washington, D.C. area, and it is expected to last a few weeks.

Way to be prepared for anything, Dusty!

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