South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks recently confirmed zebra mussels were found in Lake Sharpe.  Officials say they now consider the lake to be "infested" and boaters need to take precautions while on the water.

In order to bring awareness to the invasive species, Governor Kristi Noem released a public service announcement to provide some tips in order to control the situation.  Governor Noem's biggest advice is urging people to pull their boat plugs when they reach shore after being in any body of water.  This includes lakes and rivers.

So why do we care?  What's in it for us?  According to USGS, this species eliminates algae in the water that some native species might need for food.  Zebra mussels also cause damage to the water pipe system.  Companies can spend millions of dollars just removing them because they can clog their systems.

Visit South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks for more information on zebra mussels and how you can care for the environment throughout the state.

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