A legendary country music superstar has a new album coming out soon. George Strait puts out a collection of new music in March.

I've been playing Strait's music song by song since he began his career with his first hit in the early 1980's. He has stuck to his roots all the way.

George's music style hasn't faltered one bit during his lengthy career. For nearly four decades, he has maintained the same sound that unquestionably falls under the category of real country music.

What I find fascinating is, you can play one of his songs from 1981 and then play a new song from today, and they sound like they were recorded back to back, even though there is nearly a 40 year gap in between.

And what I find even more interesting, is his music appeals to audiences with the same force today as back then. That proves that he is the real deal.

Well, our friend Mr. Strait, has a new album on the way titled, Honky Tonk Time Machine. It mark's the singer's 30th studio album and it's due out March 29.

The collection will feature 12 original songs, eight co-written by Strait. His grandson, Harvey, appears as a guest vocalist on "God and Country Music" and there's a duet with Willie Nelson, "Sing One With Willie".

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