Sioux Falls Great Bear Ski Valley is the place to be to beat the winter blues. However, snowboarders and skiers across the Sioux Empire have yet to hit the slopes at Great Bear Ski Valley.

Even with the recent wintery weather and colder temperatures in the Sioux Empire, it's still not enough to open the slopes at Great Bear Ski Valley. I think I speak for all Sioux Falls skiers and snowboarders when I say...Let's get this snow on the road!

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So why did Great Bear Ski Valley push back the opening date again? Officials say there is still a "significant amount of snow" to make. But there is some good news! Colder weather is coming to the Sioux Falls area, which is perfect for snowmaking magic!

Great Bear Ski Valley officials say the tentative opening date for skiing and snowboarding is January 5th. Tubing is tentatively set to begin on January 12th. 

The folks at Great Bear Ski Valley are really confident about the tentative new dates based on the 10-day forecast.

25 degrees with low humidity. Ideal temperatures are daytime highs in the teens and overnight lows in the single digits. The snowmaking crew will work 24/7 when the temperature allows to get the hill open as soon as possible!

Our weather partners at Dakota News Now are up to date with the latest winter weather situations around the Sioux Empire. It will finally start to feel like December over the next 10 days!

  • Thursday: High of 36 and low of 20
  • Friday: High of 34 and low of 23
  • Saturday: High of 35 and low of 17
  • Sunday (New Year's Eve): High of 24 and low of 11
  • Monday (New Year's Day): High of 28 and low of 15
  • Tuesday: High of 32 and low of 17
  • Wednesday: High of 28 and low of 15
  • Thursday: High of 28 and low of 19

We can't wait to hit the slopes at Great Bear Ski Valley very soon!

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