When you're the parent of a busy preschooler, having the opportunity to get out of the house and enjoy a planned activity with your kiddos can be a welcome event. That's why the city of Sioux Falls have scheduled Tot Lot events, where together you and your child can enjoy a free drop in supervised playground program.

Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation wants you to know this is not designed as a babysitting service, but an interactive program for the both of you.

Kids up to the age of six will enjoy games, crafts and other activities, while you supervise.

ZooExpress for the Little OnesWednesday, June 2810 a.m.Laurel Oak Park (shelter)
 Thursday, June 2910 a.m.Spellerberg Park (shelter)
Storytime in the ParkWednesday, July 1210 a.m.Laurel Oak Park (shelter)
 Thursday, July 1310 a.m.Spellerberg Park (shelter)
Crazy Carnival for Toddlers/PreschoolersWednesday, July 1910 a.m.Laurel Oak Park (shelter)
 Thursday, July 2010 a.m.Spellerberg Park (shelter)

Rainy or stormy weather may cancel the events, so check in with the parks department if you have any questions.

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