Theresa Stehly sat on the Sioux Falls Counsel for four years until her reelection defeat this past June. Over the last couple of days, Stehly has posted some reflective messages from her time she served on the City Council Board.

On Thursday Theresa Stehly shared an in-depth thank you to Argus Leader Reporter Joe Sneve by posting the following on her Facebook page:

"Many fine "Watch Dog" reporters in TV and Argus have come and gone in the last 4+ years. Historical knowledge is powerful. Now more than ever, we need media oversite and accountability for the citizens. The one constant presence has been Argus reporter Joe Sneve.

Joe has diligently attended almost every Council meeting and has one of the sharpest young minds I know. He has a great relationship with the Mayor and the other Council members, which helps him get access to stories.
I have worked to keep him informed about upcoming community issues and have enjoyed many "Spirited Debates" with him through the years.

Here are some of the important topics he has covered:

*City Council/Mayoral campaigns.
*Concerns over water/sewer rates.
* Council concerns over building the $24 million Administration Building.
*"Stop the Funding" citizen petition drive for a public vote on Administration Building.
*Secrecy on Event Center siding settlement.
*Copper Lounge Collapse and subsequent public outrage about the injury and fatality in the aftermath.
* Public/City Council concerns with Downtown Multi-Use parking ramp proposal.
*Police contract concerns.
* Concerns with the secret Golf Course contract.
*Park Board districting ordinance.
* Efforts to save public input at Council meetings.
* Safety Concerns in the Handy Man /Whittier neighborhood.
*Proposal to use parking fees for school supplies.
*Concerns about the secret safety audit of Falls Park.
*Concerns about the "conflict of interest" issue with the internal auditor position.
*Beekeeping ordinance.
*Annexation task force concerns.
*Eastside town hall "random shooting" meeting.
*City Council Board of ethics meetings.
*Usage of Facebook for elected officials.
*Landlord/tenant COVID concerns.
*Many more issues too numerous to mention.

God bless you, Joe. Keep up the good work.

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