Who's ready for another summer full of warm temperatures and delicious food from local food trucks? We are!

There are many options to choose from when it comes to finding food trucks throughout the Sioux Empire. In fact, it's pretty easy to find food trucks when you're at the fair or any outdoor event. There is just one question that remains: What is the best food truck in Sioux Falls? I'll give you ten of them.

Based on reviews on Yelp and suggestions from Roaming Hunger, Sioux Falls has a great selection of food trucks to try this summer. These food trucks are full of greasy burgers, barbeque ribs, or sweet treats. There is something for everyone to sink their teeth in!

Take a look at these ten Sioux Falls food trucks and see which one makes your taste buds dance.

Best Food Trucks in Sioux Falls 2022

What is your favorite food truck in Sioux Falls? Are you a fan of food trucks?


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