Today is World Smile Day and it couldn't have come at a more needed time. 2020 hasn't given us a whole lot of reasons to smile, but smiling itself actually has a lot of benefits. Here's a list of five reasons to smile today, even if you might not be in the mood for it.

  1. Smiling Is Contagious: It's similar to yawning, only a lot more fun. And just like yawning, if we see someone smiling, we're likely to crack a smile ourselves.
  2. Smiling Can Lift Your Spirits: Even if it's a fake smile, it can make you feel better. Scientists call it the "facial feedback hypothesis" and it can directly influence your mood throughout the day.
  3. Smiling Can Make You Feel Better Physically: Not only does a big grin boost your immune system, but it can also decrease your blood pressure and cholesterol.
  4. Smiling Makes You Sound Friendly: Those of us in the radio biz have known about this trick for a long time. Smiling when you're speaking in public garners interest from those in the audience and makes you sound like a friendly and engaging person.
  5. Smiling Can Get You Out of Trouble: Research points to the fact that authority figures tend to forgive those who have a slight smile while apologizing. Just don't grin too much, or it could have the opposite effect.
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