A fire badly damaged a Sioux Falls business on Cliff Avenue in Sioux Falls on Tuesday. There were no injuries reported in the blaze that is still under investigation at this time.

Dakota News Now is reporting that the fire occurred at the Barcode Bar and Grill around 4 p.m. yesterday, in the eastern part of Sioux Falls. The Barcode is located at 4200 North Cliff Avenue in Sioux Falls.

In a press release that was issued late Tuesday evening, the City of Sioux Falls announced the fire caused extensive damage to the building:

The first arriving fire truck reported heavy smoke coming from the roof of The Barcode Bar and Grill. Crews verified everyone was able to evacuate from the structure. Crews were able to have the fire under control within 17 minutes of arriving on scene. The fire impingement on the metal roof deck caused smoldering in the roofing materials which took crews 4 hours to remove and fully overhaul.

-City of Sioux Falls

The city also mentioned that Sioux Falls Fire and Rescue sent out 4 fire trucks, 3 support vehicles, and 21 personnel at the onset of the blaze, with additional personnel and vehicles arriving later. Assisting Sioux Falls Fire and Rescue on the scene was Metro Communications, Sioux Falls Police, PCEMS, Mid-American Energy, and Xcel Energy.

For more information on this story, visit the Dakota News Now website.

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