Walking into Chipotle on 41st street on Tuesday, my lunchmates and I looked down to see painted rocks on a few construction cones. Apparently, there are many people who paint these little gems and leave them in places hoping to be found and shared on social media.

Using the ‘Sioux Falls Rocks’ Facebook page, I was surprised to learn that over 9,000 people follow and are members of the page. Truth be told, I spent far too much time scrolling through the photos and was fascinated by how popular this hobby has become.

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I branched out to find Hartford SD Rock Hunters and became a member there too. This Facebook page was started by Hannah Janish who said, “our goal is to make someone smile.”

painted rocks by Hannah Janish

Janish said a good tip for beginner rock hunters is to find smooth rocks - usually found by rivers or water where the currents and time has worn it smooth over time. Then find a good acrylic paint or pen set and have fun.

It's fun for all ages and helps kids unleash a little creativity. Now that school is winding down, we'll be on the search for good rocks and spend some time outdoors painting them and placing them around town. Have fun and happy hunting!

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