Feeding South Dakota has been working double-time since the COVID- 19 pandemic hit last March. Because of the added workload, the organization plans to expand its distribution centers across the city of Sioux Falls.

According to Dakota News Now, the nonprofit began its Neighborhood Distribution Program back in October with 5 sites around the city. They now plan is to expand to 15 locations this year. Feeding South Dakota is hoping to have the new distribution centers up and running by March.

Currently, Feeding South Dakota is looking for partners across the city, willing to lend them locations to temporarily use, as well as allow volunteers to come in and help with the distribution.

The distribution centers are currently offering each of the roughly 250 families around 70 pounds of food.

Some of the current distribution locations include Sioux Falls, Peace Lutheran Church, Sioux Falls, Laura B Anderson Elementary School, Sioux Falls, Sanford Business Center, and Sioux Falls, Good News Church. Guests are able to visit a distribution center once every month.

For information on how you can help by volunteering, current programs, donating, as well current initiatives the non-profit is running, visit the Feeding South Dakota website here.

You can also find more information on current distribution locations from Dakota News Now. 

Story Source: Dakota News Now

Story Source: Feeding South Dakota

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