Ride 'em Cowboy!

Okay, ride 'em 4-wheeler.

It seems to be a little tougher during these Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic times. A lot of things have been cancelled, postponed, rearranged and turned upside down. But a trip out-to-the-farm is still a full blown 'GO!'

So off we went to the farm, my daughter and son-in-law's place down in Huskerland. We got to meet the calves (and cow) that make up the KG&G Cattle Company. KG&G standing for, of course, 'Kenna, Grandpa & Grandma'. Those 3 calves, along with the cow and her newborn, constitute the 'herd'. Yeah, it's small but growing.

We also were introduced to the new puppy Winnie (Blue Heeler) which the old dog Walter (Basset Hound) has quite come to appreciate yet.

And, as pictured above, Granddaughter Mac Kenna (MacLove to me, but no one else) gave Gramps a ride on the 4-wheeler. Now, I didn't even know they had a 4-wheeler so this was like a surprise ride on something at the Fair (most of which have been cancelled). So for a ride we went...up the long driveway to the gravel road, back down the driveway, around the yard, then back up the driveway and down, around the yard, then back up...well, you get the idea. Oh, there's a video too, but why would I post it showing me hanging on for dear life while MacLove drives like she on the final lap of the Daytona 500.

There's even one of Grandma pretending she wasn't terrified being spun around by this young daredevil.


A great grilled supper followed (give me burgers and dogs off the grill anytime!) and then school shopping the next day. All 3 Grandkids, Lane, Hailey & MacKenna started school already on Friday (8/14).

Bottom Line? Even during these strange times in which we live, there's really nothing better than seeing Grandson's Bennet & Ayden play Little League baseball (yep, did that, too, a few weeks back) and then spending time 'out on the farm'. So while the Pandemic has threw a wrench into a lot of things, it hasn't hampered some fun family time.

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