A number of Sioux Empire businesses have been forced to adapt and get creative in the way they do business in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

One such business in the downtown Falls Park Farmer's Market.

The Sioux Falls Farmer's Market doesn't usually start up until May, but as Dakota News Now reports, the coronavirus has forced them to try something different this year. They opened a month earlier than normal, and all the shopping is being conducted online with curbside pickup for right now.

Nathan Van Zweden, Board Member with the Farmer's Market told Dakota News Now, "We’re trying to keep it as non-contact as we possibly can. No money is exchanging hands, it’s all online paid with credit card just like any other online purchase.”

On Saturday (April 4), the popular farmer's market started testing the waters of selling their various products online. As Dakota News Now reports, the Falls Park Farmer's Market was originally scheduled to open for the year on Saturday (May 2). That is still the day they plan to invite other vendors. But, with all the uncertainty that surrounds the coronavirus, the Farmer's Market Board has no definite date as to when face to face transactions will be able to start up again.

Van Zweden said, "No idea what to plan for; the way everything has been changing day-by-day even it is really hard to plan on what it’s going to look like. We will try to stay as safe as we possibly can. Whether people be able to shop like normal and keep their distance, or they’ll have to stay in their vehicles, we don’t know. It’s going to be up to the city to a degree on what is allowed.”

The COVID-19 crisis is definitely a fluid situation, but as Van Zweden told Dakota News Now, the board will be prepared for anything.

One thing is for sure it's shaping up to be a not so normal looking Falls Park Farmer's Market season here in Sioux Falls, regardless of how this plays out. But, thanks to the online shopping and drive-by pick-up option, the market will be open one way or another.

For right now, the Falls Park Farmer's Market plans to roll with the online order format throughout at least the month of April.

Get all the details on the Falls Park Farmer's Market online ordering platform here.

Source: Dakota News Now

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