Now that the weather has finally warmed up, it marks the unofficial start to summer and the official start to patio season. 

Here in Sioux Falls we are fortunate to have a number of restaurants with great patios. My wife and I stumbled across another excellent one last Saturday night.

We attempted to hit one of our favorite patio spots downtown. However, since the weatherman predicted the chance of rain that night, that particular restaurant got spooked and elected not to open their patio. We respectfully declined the offer to sit inside and walked outside to review our options.

That's when it hit us! Last summer we talked about visiting Falls Landing Bar and Grill, yet never had the opportunity.  We figured tonight was the perfect night to walk from where our car was parked and try Falls Landing.  

As we arrived, we noticed other patrons sitting outside and we knew we were in luck!  The server greeted us, told us to sit wherever we would like, and said someone would be right with us.  As we sat down, we knew that we had found the perfect dining spot.

Our server, Ben, promptly greeted us and brought us our drinks. After scanning the menu we both decided on the Falls Landing Philly and the food promptly arrived. 

My wife took the first bite and proclaimed "this is phenomenal!"  She was right. She always is. Most of the time (Cough!). Their Philly sandwich was amazing! 

The relaxed atmosphere, prompt friendly service, and amazing meal ended up making it the perfect night. 

Photo by Marc Elliott
Photo by Marc Elliott

In my opinion, the one thing that helped put the evening over the top was Falls Landing's beautiful view of the Big Sioux.

Their patio overlooks the Big Sioux River as it approaches Falls Park. You really get a wonderful view of all that downtown Sioux Falls has to offer in that area.

The view, coupled with the food, is why Falls Landing just made my list as one of the best patio pit stops in Sioux Falls. Give it a try sometime, if you haven't already.

Here is the website to review their menu. You can even order to go but I would recommend eating in.

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