Nothing like a Winter Storm Warning to mental-slap you into reality and get you off your lazy behind. That would be me. And maybe a few of you too if you have a substantial garden, large lawn, hedges, flowers, and lots of trees that like to fill the gutters on your house with leaves this time of year.

Over the last several weeks Sioux Falls has been really dry. It pains me to look out and see the lawn so dry. And worse yet turning on the sprinkler to water the grass. Watering the garden isn't so bad, albeit once a week.

And as we have had another late summer dry period our yard has been covered with leaves. My wife was out raking over the weekend and instead of bagging them she just topped off the garden boxes that have already been zeroed out for the year. In another month I'll suck them through the shredder for some good mulch and work them into the soil.

Upon the roof just in time for the rain that is forecasted to clean out the gutters. Have you ever noticed that one particular neighbor who has a gutter garden? You know the one. They only chisel out that stuff once a year.

Most of the flower pots have since been emptied. We enjoyed some very colorful displays this season with my wife keeping an eye on them to water on a regular schedule. Now if I could just keep her and the fertilizer away from the clematis.

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