As State Fair's and other forms of outdoor entertainment drop like flies practically everywhere in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Brown County Fair in Aberdeen is still up in the air for 2020.

Dakota News Now reports that Brown County Commissioners spent much of the day on Tuesday (June 9) discussing all the possible options for this year's Brown County Fair.

Derek Ricci, Brown County Fair Manager told Dakota News Now, "There's passionate people on both sides, those that think we should postpone for safety reasons, and those that are very passionate about wanting us to proceed."

It sounds like three key factors are going to determine whether or not the Brown County Fair happens during 2020. According to Ricci, It comes down to the public safety for the greatest number of people, as well as financial responsibility, and then the ability to source volunteers."

Dakota News Now reports, if the decision was solely up to the fair board, there would be no Brown County Fair in 2020.

Fair board members, recently voted on the matter, the outcome was a 23 to zero unanimous vote in favor of postponing until 2021.

Some people want to forge ahead with this year's fair despite the danger of a possible COVID-19 spread.

Ultimately, Brown County  Commissioners decided to push the vote back one week before making their final decision.

In less than a weeks time, the residents of Brown County should know if the Ferris wheel and other popular carnival rides will be in their future later this summer.

Source: Dakota News Now

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