Tell everyone you know, do business with, and those looking to relocate that Experience Sioux Falls is now at their fingertips to view online or a mobile device.

If you had to describe Sioux Falls to someone who has never visited our city, how would that conversation go? Don't search for the million-dollar answer. Just share the Experience Sioux Falls link with them.

When you flip through this online guide it will be easy to see why so many choose to raise a family, find employment and start a business in South Dakota's largest city.

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Yes, the City of Sioux Falls has grown to just under 200,000 people. And that speaks to the strong years of construction, job growth, and quality of life investments.

Even though these past COVID-19 months, what do I see? Strong industry, thriving retail, top-tier medical facilities, restaurants galore, and entertainment. And a safe place to live.

Come and visit. Hang around a while. I know you'll get hooked.

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