Have you ever wondered to yourself what your purpose is? Why you were placed on this Earth? Because of a story recently published by the Associated Press out of Vermont, I'll ask you the question - what's your purpose?

It all started when I read a story was about a University of Vermont professor who recently won a James Beard Award for her work on a book entitled "The Oxford Companion to Cheese." Yup - she wrote an entire book about cheese.

Just for reference, in case you've never heard of the James Beard Award, it's named after the late James Beard who was a prolific cookbook author, teacher and champion of American cuisine. The award is referred to as the Oscar of the food world.

Catherine Donnelly spent four years writing her book which contains over 850 entries all related to cheese, including everything from cheese regulations, to cheese-making techniques, to the history of cheese and, of course, various recipes involving cheese.

After reading the story it got me thinking in general terms about what we were all put on this earth to do. I'm willing to bet there's been a time when you've asked yourself that very question, I know I have. You always wonder if you're making a difference.

Without getting too philosophical, I truly believe EVERYONE has a purpose. You may not see it or experience it on a daily basis, but everything you do has an impact on those around you. Even something as simple as writing a book about cheese.

I compare it to a rain drop falling from the sky and landing on a body of water. Once the drop makes contact what happens? The waves spread out in every direction, impacting everything in its way. Similar things happen when we engage with other people.

Remember, no matter what you do for a living, whether you have a blue collar job or a white collar job (or you're a published author), you're impacting people - YOU REALLY ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE.

Take Catherine Donnelly for example, the University of Vermont professor who wrote the cheese book, look what she's accomplished (as if being a college professor wasn't enough).

Because of her passion for nutrition and the food sciences in general, she's now been named one of the great cheese experts of this century. Was that her initial goal? Probably not, but you never know how what you do today will impact people tomorrow.

Source: Associated Press

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