So I'm going through my emails at work the other day and I run across an invite from a public relations firm out on the east coast wanting to know if I had any interest in interviewing someone about a cuddle party.

A what?

Granted I'm in my mid-50s, but I still like to think I do a fairly good job of keeping up with what's hip and happening. But I have to admit, I've never heard of a cuddle party before. That's a new one.

Apparently it's the latest rage, especially in Europe. Quoting the press release, "Cuddle parties offer participants a chance to learn more about establishing clear communications through asking for what you want and saying no to things you don't."


The press release goes on to say, "Cuddle parties are safe and designed for connection through safe, non-sexual, consensual touch. A beautiful life laboratory if you will, an experimenting grounds for people to practice asking for what they want."

Sorry, I'm still not following.

So you want me to cuddle with a complete stranger for no apparent reason?

So one thing leads to another and through the process of being confused - while yet intrigued - I did learn that cuddle parties do have rules. The first rule is no one has to cuddle. If you have any hesitation just so "no" to the person asking.

But other than that, sounds like anything goes - except for the hanky panky part, none of that is allowed. You just hang on to each and become as one (sorry, the becoming as one thing I just made up, I thought it sounded good).

So will I have the "cuddling expert" on the air some morning? You bet I will. I'll keep you updated on when we get something scheduled.

Source: Newman PR

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