Every generation has their fads, their styles. What's hot this year is old news next year. Most of those fads come and go in a hurry. Some we miss and some, well, we can look back and say 'What the...??' (Think hip-huggers, leisure suits and pet rocks)

And so it was with your Grandpa and Grandma. Yep, we might be old fogies now, but there was a day when we...well...rocked! In fact, if you go back to the 1940's (ancient times for you, I know, but really it was just the day before yesterday), you can see what Gramps and Grams loved.

For instance, Grandma as a teenager was putting red nail polish on the rims of her eye glasses. Why? Because it was cool, you square!

Grandpa was stylin' in a Zoot Suit and turnin' the ladies heads in the process.

The little kids were all about Pea Shooters while Mom and Pop were deep into a great drama...on the radio of course. Yep, while reality shows and singing contests might be all the rage for this generation, it was drama that ruled the airwaves for Grandpa and Grandma...on the radio.

Dance contests were all the rage for those folks. Dance and dance and dance til you literally dropped. And if you were the last couple shakin' a leg, you won! What did you win? It didn't matter, hey....you won!!

Oh, and one final thing.

If Grandpa and Grandma 'came of age' in the 40's, ask them if Kilroy was there. They'll understand.

So ya see, you got your hot and heavy cool stuff...and so did Gramps and Grams!

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