My morning show partner Christine has a little problem. She can't resist a slice of cheesecake.

At first, we thought something was wrong with her. Then we determined that it's normal. If you or someone you know, craves the delightful treat, it's no surprise to scientists.

The experts say high fat treats have the same mind bending impact as anything else one can become addicted to. So, go ahead, have a slice of cheesecake. Or, as Christine says, have two or three!

And today (7/30), would be the perfect time to do it, because it's National Cheesecake Day. I must say, I will be joining all you cheesecake nuts, because I'm addicted too.

Christine loves the chocolate versions, but for me, I go for traditional cheesecake with cherry topping. We checked to see where you can get cheesecake in Sioux Falls.

We talked with Joseph at Hy-Vee's bakery on South Minnesota Avenue, and he said they have several flavors for $3 a slice. Our friend and co-worker Taneil, who heads up our digital department, also helped us research cheesecake in Sioux Falls.

She found Grill 26 has a strawberry cheesecake, strawberry rhubarb cheesecake and a homemade New York cheesecake all on their menu. Another place was Olive Garden, which had several desserts on the menu, including seasonal Sicilian cheesecake.

Also Taneil found cheesecake at Minerva's available in plain or strawberry topping. See menu.




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